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Lawyers really can add value to your business !

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Growth Business

Lawyers really can add value to your business!

Having survived the early years setting up your business, it is worth stepping back to review your business. You now have the opportunity to put in place the right structures which will not only protect your business but can actually add value and can make you more attractive to a potential purchaser or funder.

Do you know how much time is actually wasted in your organisation dealing with repetitive failures by your supply chain or due to a failure to meet customer expectations? Your terms of trading with both your customers and supply chain are a fundamental tool in your business and yet are given low priority within organisations. Talk to us about how your terms can improve performance throughout your business.

As a growth business you could at any time receive an approach from a potential purchaser who is interesting in acquiring. Any purchaser will want to carry out extensive due diligence into your business. If this arises you will more likely achieve a greater value for your business if your affairs are in good order. At Heights Legal we offer various pre-sale services including our due diligence service under which we will investigate your business as if acting for a buyer. We will report on our findings and develop an action plan with you to address any issues which could impact upon a sale and in particular affect the value of your business.

If you are in business with partners or co-shareholders, life events can have a significant impact upon your business. Consider what would happen if one of your partners/shareholders dies, divorces or should a falling out arise between you. Running a business on a daily basis we all too often fail to consider these matters and yet a shareholder or partnership dispute can lead to the failure of your business venture. Taking some simple steps to put in place a shareholders or partnership agreement can ensure a swift resolution to these life events with minimum cost and disruption to your business.

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