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Management Buyouts

A management buyout is often a useful means of facilitating your exit from your business particularly in the current climate. If MBO is an option, take time to groom and prepare your team. This will make an MBO a more realistic exit strategy option.

As a management team going forward with an MBO, it is important that you put the right structures in place to govern your relationship. An MBO will almost always be undertaken by a new company formed for the purpose of the MBO and in which the management team holds shares. It is important you put the right structures in place to regulate your relationship as shareholders in that company. A shareholders agreement and/or amendments to the articles of association of the company should be made to particularly address the situation should one of the management team choose to leave the company in the future.

We will assist you in putting the right structures in place to protect both you and the MBO vehicle. We will also guide you through the acquisition process, providing the level of support you need to complete the MBO. We will always provide you with a fixed fee which will be determined after sitting down with you at an initial free consultation during which we will discuss with you the work to be undertaken to complete the MBO.

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